U.S. Women's Open

Monday, December 14, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

A Lim Kim

Trophy Presentation Ceremony

THE MODERATOR: Welcome, everybody, as we begin this trophy presentation here at Champions Golf Club to kick things off. I'd like to introduce the CEO of the USGA, Mike Davis.

MIKE DAVIS: Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being a part of the 75th playing of the United States Open Championship. What a memorable championship this indeed was. Our host this week, Champions Golf Club, simply did a marvelous job, especially when you consider we had to move the championship back roughly six months because of COVID, and also what Mother Nature presented to us yesterday and today.

To the club's leadership, staff, and committee members, a hearty congratulations. To the grounds staff, wonderful job. You presented a true championship test.

Special thanks goes out to Jack Burke and Robin Burke. It goes without saying that Jack Burke won the 1956 Masters and the 1956 PGA Championship; and Robin, you played in 46 USGA championships, was a Curtis Cup player and a Curtis Cup captain. The two of you couldn't have been a better host, and you keep giving back to golf, and we can't thank you enough. So thank you for being such friends of the game.

This championship was founded roughly three quarters of a century ago. It's had 51 different champions who have hoisted the beautiful trophy, many of whom are joining us here today virtually.

One past champion unfortunately is no longer with us. Earlier this year, the great Mickey Wright, who was a four-time U.S. Open champion and truly one of golf's greatest players, male or female, passed away.

To honor Mickey, the champions solid gold medal henceforth will be known as the Mickey Wright Medal. We can't think of a better way to celebrate and honor Mickey's achievements and her contributions to the game. She will be forever remembered as a champion.

Now I'd like to introduce Martha Lang, who chairs the USGA championship committee. I'll also note that Martha has been giving her time and support to the USGA for well over 30 years. She's a past USGA champion. She's a past USGA Curtis Cup player and captain.

Martha, thank you for everything you've done for the game of golf. With that, Martha Lang.

MARTHA LANG: Thank you, Mike. This year's U.S. Open featured 24 amateurs in the field, and with a score of 287, the silver medal for low amateur goes to Kaitlyn Papp from Austin, Texas.

Now it's my honor to welcome the champion of the 75th United States Open. With a score of 281, the Mickey Wright Gold Medal winner for the women's 75th U.S. Open goes to A Lim Kim from the Republic of Korea.

We're thrilled to present the historic Harton S. Semple trophy to every U.S. Open champion since 1953, so you may now raise the trophy.

Q. A Lim, what a wonderful round of 67 today. You began five back. What was your mindset entering this final round?

A LIM KIM: To be honest, it was a little bit disappointing round the third round on Saturday. I decided to come out today and try to be the aggressive player that I was, try to attack the pin, and it actually worked out today.

Q. This was your championship debut. How did you prepare for your first-ever appearance here at the United States Women's U.S. Open?

A LIM KIM: A lot of people around me told that if I come to the States a lot of golf courses are pretty wide open, wide fairways, so I kind of expected that when I was out on this golf course.

But I realized how the rough was and narrow fairways, a lot of tall trees. But I'm glad that I got here a few days earlier in the week so I had enough time to prepare for this tournament.

Q. You've become the tenth winner from South Korea to become a U.S. Women's Open champion in the last 16 years. What does that say about the state of golf in your home country?

A LIM KIM: Can't really describe it in words. I never expected that I was going to appear in the U.S. Women's Open. I still can't feel what it's like right now, but I'll probably feel it when the ceremony and everything wraps up today.

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