U.S. Women's Open

Monday, December 14, 2020

Houston, Texas, USA

Champions Golf Club

Hinako Shibuno

Flash Interview

Q. A major winner. Now you've put yourself in contention again. Where do you feel like you can go from here? A lot of good to take out of this week.

HINAKO SHIBUNO: I feel that this is my true performance. I have frustration, as well; however, I do not have any regret.

Q. Talk about the play today and the conditions out there and kind of how it went for you.

HINAKO SHIBUNO: Today I hit the least greens in regulation out of the four days. Even though today was the least greens in regulation, about half of them I was able to make pars.

I do have a little bit of confidence in my approaches; however, when it comes to shots, my shots weren't preferable under pressure. So in that respect I learned a lot about myself.

Q. How surprised were you that someone was able to go out and shoot 4-under today?

HINAKO SHIBUNO: During this weather being able to perform that well, those are the players that are the real quality golfers. And those players that can get to 4-under, those players are the ones who are able to perform any time, so they are very strong players I think.

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