U.S. Women's Open

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA

Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club

Allison Emrey

Quick Quotes

Q. Allison, talk a little bit about your start today.

ALLISON EMREY: Yeah, I'm happy with the start. I would have liked to have made a few more putts, but felt like I went into the day with a great game plan and executed real will, so excited for tomorrow.

Q. When you saw you were hitting the first ball, what went through your mind?

ALLISON EMREY: It was pretty special. I was wondering if they meant to do that since I'm the only player from North Carolina. It is just so special to be back in Pinehurst and to play Pine Needles, which I played a million times growing up.

Q. How would you assess the emotions of that first U.S. Open round?

ALLISON EMREY: Just a lot going through my head, but just trying to take it all in and enjoy it.

Q. How do you kind of compartmentalize that and just focus on the golf?

ALLISON EMREY: Yeah, I just tried to keep my head down, which sounds funny, but not to think about all the fans and the noise.

And my family and friends are here and tried not to acknowledge them yet, so I'll have to go say hi afterwards, but just really tried to focus on each shot and on the golf part.

Q. You've won a lot of times in this area. What is it about the Sandhills that you seem to like?

ALLISON EMREY: I think I just love being home and love just being used to the conditions that I grew up on and just the history in Pinehurst.

Q. How many times recently have you been able to be in North Carolina, around the area?

ALLISON EMREY: Not too often. Had a couple Epson Tour events last year in North Carolina, but haven't been in Pinehurst in quite a few years to play.

Q. What had been your experience at this course prior to this week?

ALLISON EMREY: So probably 10 years ago me and Jaye Marie Green actually played at an AJGA here, and I have never played in more rain in my life. It's sand so everything soaks in, so the entire day it rained, but we had a blast, so I remember that.

Q. Does the course suit your game?

ALLISON EMREY: Yes, I think so, it does. The fairways are fairly wide and the greens are big, but you have to place it well, and I think that I did that well today.

Q. Allison, what would you say was the highlight of your opening round? What sticks out in your mind?

ALLISON EMREY: Just seeing everybody here to support me. I think it's really nice. A lot of my family and friends made a two-hour drive from Charlotte, so I think just to see how many people came out to support was really nice.

Q. You mentioned being the only North Carolinian in the field; is that something you take pride in, wanting to carry the flag for us?

ALLISON EMREY: I do, yeah. I thought there would be more, so I'm a little disappointed that I'm the only one, but I'm happy to have the honor to be here.

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