U.S. Women's Open

Thursday, June 2, 2022

Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA

Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club

Louise Duncan

Quick Quotes

Q. First off, assess your round a little bit for me today, kind of what you were facing out there and how things went.

LOUISE DUNCAN: So the score doesn't really quite reflect. I had maybe four three-putts, which is never a good thing around there.

So I think I can take away a bit of confidence going into tomorrow knowing I'm hitting the ball well, I'm hitting fairways, hitting greens. I just need to trust my putting and just go for it really.

I think there's a good score out there, so hopefully I can do that tomorrow.

Q. Is it a little bit of Donald Ross's crowned greens that's tricky? What is it?

LOUISE DUNCAN: I'm just not quite used to the speed and the slopes, but I feel like I'm getting more and more used to it, and you just have to trust where you're putting the ball and just trust that the slope is going to bring it back and maybe just be more accepting if it doesn't go your way.

No, I feel like I had a good round, and I just need to stick in there with the putts because I did hole a few good putts, just I also missed a few good ones, but that's really it.

Q. Your first U.S. Women's Open; what's the experience been like?

LOUISE DUNCAN: It's been crazy so far. It's all well hyped. It gets you excited to play in the morning. Yeah, it's been a really good experience so far. Everyone gets treated like an absolute legend here.

The Lexus you get is unbelievable. I love driving that thing. Contemplating stealing it. No, kidding.

But no, it's a great tournament, and hopefully I'll be back for many more.

Q. What about this area? You're from Scotland; golf grew here, it's always been a fabric of this place. Do you get that feel here? Do you see any similarities?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Yeah, just we went out for dinner a few nights, and everyone talks about golf. It's kind of the same if you're in St Andrews. Everyone just talks about golf.

It's really similar, the vibe you get, and there's loads of courses here. There's a lot more courses here than there is in St Andrews and say East Lothian, wherever.

But no, it's the same golfy town and kind of replicates St Andrews and the feel you get from it.

Q. How is the golf different, if at all, or how is it similar?

LOUISE DUNCAN: It's more target golf over here, I think, because there's not that much wind. You do get some gusts, but most of the time it's just how straight you hit your irons and how well you know your distances, whereas over in Scotland you can get some lucky bounces out there that can get you closer to the hole.

It's all about target golf really.

Q. What's the goal for tomorrow?

LOUISE DUNCAN: Shoot a low one, and hopefully make the cut. I'm not sure how everyone else is getting on, but I know there's an afternoon wave.

Fingers crossed I'll be there or thereabouts, and hopefully shoot a good one tomorrow and hole some putts.

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