U.S. Women's Open

Saturday, June 4, 2022

Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA

Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club

Bronte Law

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Q. Bronte Law, 3-under 68. Talk us through your round a little bit today.

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, stayed patient out there. Didn't have the best start that I was looking for, but made a nice birdie on 3 to make up for the bogey on 2.

Just kind of hung in there. Was hitting a lot of good shots, not really making so many of the putts, which is frustrating.

But I knew if I kept hitting a lot of good shots that those chances would still be there on the backside. So yeah, stayed patient, created some chances on the back nine, and took advantage of those.

Was happy to have a good stretch coming in.

Q. Four birdies against no bogeys on the back. Anything that changed at the turn or just staying patient?

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, pretty much staying patient. Wouldn't say there was really anything different. Played pretty solid the whole day; played smart. I think that is the key out here.

Q. This is your fourth U.S. Women's Open. Is there anything you learned that has contributed to three rounds in the 60s?

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, you can't really aim at a lot of pins. So as long as you can take your pride away and know that you're going to be aiming away from a lot of flags, then I'm sure that you'll be able to be more successful.

Q. How far was that putt on the last hole? Compare and contrast your front and back nine and how comfortable do you feel on this golf course now?

BRONTE LAW: Putt on the last was probably seven, eight feet, something like that. Sneaky little pin. Turned a lot for a putt that was downhill.

Yeah, I think played solid on both nines; just took advantage of a lot of the good shots on the back nine.

Q. How comfortable are you on this golf course now?

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, I mean, I think seen a lot of it. You know, it's all about like I was saying not necessarily aiming at the pins. Even if you got a wedge in your hand, taking your medicine and aiming to the best point of the green for where the hole location is at that point in time.

Q. Anything you're going to be working on specifically leading into tomorrow?

BRONTE LAW: Rest. I mean, it's hot. It's hilly. See my physio. Just trying to get my body in the same shape it was this morning when I started.

Probably be rolling some putts because it all comes down to that in the end. But, yeah, rest and hydrate is going to be a big one.

Q. Anything mentally that you'll be repeating to yourself into tomorrow to keep your focus?

BRONTE LAW: Just building off what happened today. Hit a lot good shots, putts. I showed that I can do that today, so no reason I can't go out and do that tomorrow.

Q. You talked about not going at certain pins. How do you weigh being aggressive considering you may be behind going into tomorrow with kind of being smart out there, too?

BRONTE LAW: Equally being smart versus someone taking on a pin and it going a little wrong, that could result in three shots.

I'm certainly not going to be playing -- changing my game plan. Just hoping that a couple more putts drop out there. Today could have been equally three, four shots better.

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