U.S. Women's Open

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA

Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club

Cheyenne Knight

Quick Quotes

Q. Pretty good score today, one of just a few that are around par. Could you walk us through your round?

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: Yeah, I actually three-putted the first hole from like 12 feet. I was kind of annoyed at that. Once you hit the green you're not really expecting to do that.

I played really solid today. The pins are really hard. Today is playing like a U.S. Open. It's firm and fast and the wind is really baking the greens out. Even when you're playing away from the pin you have to hit a good putt.

But yeah, played solid. Bogeyed the last hole but I made a good save on 17 so it all evens out.

I didn't really see how high the scores were, so when I came in and saw that I moved up with a 1-over par, it just shows you how difficult it's playing.

I think 17 is going to play really hard. Rolling through the fairway, so I think you'll see some girls maybe lay back and have a longer shot in, so it'll be interesting.

Q. Is it mostly the greens and the pin placements? You mentioned 17's fairway. Any other place on the course that's playing challenging?

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: I mean, the greens are super -- the pins are hard, really difficult, a lot on the ridges.

I think 13 is playing hard, the par-3. It's like 190-something yards and just where that pin is, you're going to have to play away from it because if you miss left you're not very good down there.

But I think 17 is going to be a game changer, where that pin is.

Q. Your score has trended in the right direction throughout the week. Was that something with your game or more of a mindset going into this week?

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: Yeah, the first day I had a lot of three-putts, a lot of putts on the lip, so I didn't really play that well.

Kind of the same the second day, just really didn't make a lot and I was lucky to make the cut.

Shot 2-under yesterday, made a lot of good putts yesterday.

Then today was just solid. Would have liked to have made a few more putts, but you can't be too mad about it.

Q. Are you going to stick around and watch the rest of the play today?

CHEYENNE KNIGHT: I may listen to it in the car, but I have a flight to catch to go home to Dallas around 8:00, so I'm going to go do that. But probably watch the rest of it in the airport and just kind of see what's going on.

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