U.S. Women's Open

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA

Pine Needles Lodge and Golf Club

Anna Nordqvist

Quick Quotes

Q. 2-under 73, Anna. Can you talk us through your round today.

ANNA NORDQVIST: Yeah, I feel like I played really solid. It's hard to get it close to the pins, and my lag putting has been great all week, and I really only missed it on 10. I thought I hit a good wedge and it came all the way down in the waste area. I was a little bit shocked there actually. Overall it's been very solid.

I'm very happy. I gave it my all this week. It was a tough test, I think, for the weekend with the greens being even more firmer and faster. I think it was a true test for us.

Q. Obviously you came up a little bit short, but what are some of the main takeaways that you're going to take from this week?

ANNA NORDQVIST: No, I feel like I put myself in a good spot this week, played very solid. Obviously didn't have the best preparation last week, but things are coming together. Been working really hard on my game, and I think it showed, and it's paying off. I'm just very excited.

Q. The scoring average was much higher today. How did the course play differently?

ANNA NORDQVIST: I mean, some of the pins for the weekends, I think honestly they're -- you think you hit a good shot, and it has a lot of break or it's really fast. I'm not surprised. I think par is probably pretty relevant on a course like this. I shot 2-over, but it's probably one of the best 2-overs I've had.

Q. What did it feel like, the round today?

ANNA NORDQVIST: I didn't make any birdies, but you've got to hole some 15-, 20- footers to make birdies out there.

I mean, overall I felt like it was really solid. I played with Jin Young. She birdied 15 and made a bomb on 17 and I think she shot even, and that was an amazing round.

Yeah, definitely playing tough, and I think you kind of can't really focus or worry too much about par in your head or if you're over par. To be under par for the week at a U.S. Open, I must have done something right.

Q. Would you have liked to have seen it set up tougher in the beginning of the week or did you like how it progressed?

ANNA NORDQVIST: No, I mean, I think they did a fantastic job. I mean, it was already taking forever the first couple days. I think they did really well. They didn't really move around a lot of tee boxes as they usually do, but even if you have a pitching wedge in like I did on the last hole, you're playing yourself to the middle of the green.

I think that makes this course so good. You get a little bit aggressive like I did on 10 and I'm screwed, I'm in the waste area and have no shot at all.

I think that's why this course is really good.

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